Hardreams - 'Calling Everyone'

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Hardreams - 'Calling Everyone'

Originally released in 2002, Perris Records have seen fit to re-release “Calling Everyone” with the addition of 3 bonus tracks. The album starts off in fine fashion with the riff to “Wings of Fire” being reminiscent of the Crue’s "Looks That Kill" only slightly softer. After the 80s heyday for all things Melodic with “Foreigner” and “Journey” dominating the airwaves, who would have thought that 20 years later bands like “Hardreams” would be making it fashionable again, what with the wonderful “Soul Dancer” and its layered guitar sound and “ Manu Esteve” providing fitting vocals. No album from “Hardreams” would be complete without a ballad or two, with “A Place for Our Love” proving the best on this release. The 3 bonus tracks are very interesting with one demo and the other 2 being live from Barcelona and certainly much heavier, It would be interesting to know if these live tracks have ever been released on a live album before, as I would be first in the queue if that was the case.

Reviewed by Speedy Hicks. 

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Hardreams - 'Calling Everyone'
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