UFO - 'Live On Air'

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UFO - 'Live On Air'

A Rocktopia user review by Speedy Hicks.

What was that famous line that Johnny Rotten sneered from the stage at the last proper pistols show? “Ever get the feeling you’ve been had?”. Well, that’s the taste left in my mouth after buying this lame excuse for an album. Just to put the record straight before I go into one, this 6 track live album that sounds like it was recorded through a food blender has nothing to do with the band in any way shape or form and is no way endorsed by the artist. In fact it's another example of a great musical British institution being shafted, and a lifelong fan like myself who collects everything by the group being taken along for the ride and shafted out of my weekly wage packet. Just for the curious: The tracks on offer are the likes of “Boogie for George, Doctor Doctor” and “Only You Can Rock Me” in fact the other 3 tracks are not worth mentioning, just don’t buy this CD. I have a good mind to get in touch with my local MP and demand that the government put a health warning on CDs - just like our cigarettes and alcohol have labeling as this disc has damaged my health. It has made my blood boil.

Speedy Hicks.

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UFO - 'Live On Air'
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